I’m just spending an ordinary life.
In such daily life, I feel some of the peculiar things are 

steadily increasing: it might be mimicking plants, space or human. 
These are probably just plastics, moving images, and robots. 
Nowadays, we are familiar with these objects.

However, these peculiar mimics are “too much” familiar with us.
For instance, at the time when we couldn’t remind the real figure of plants

 because we’re “too” familiar with plastic plants. 
The peel of the banana in front of you might be made of rubber.

It is the scariest that we would never notice the fact 

that we are spending our daily life on the fuzzy situations. 
After we don’t feel something wrong about the object 
switched from the original object, we will recognize big divergence 
between the real object and the object what we have recognized, 
we will hold our heads someday. It cannot be helped.

But if we didn’t watch them carefully, we couldn’t find what we lost when we lost something. 

This fact continues to give me some sort of anxiousness.

If so, let’s treat the mimics in order to relieve the anxiousness. 

Let’s have a relationship with them. 
As watching them carefully, we can live in stable situation.